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Fabrimetrics, Inc. specializes in high quality tarpaulins and related products. 
We sell wholesale heavy duty tarps, premium tarps, economy tarps, canvas tarps, and much more.

With a warehouse on the West Coast in Vancouver, WA, and a warehouse in the Midwest in Minneapolis, MN, we ship all our products nationwide.  We go the extra mile to get your retail establishment low freight costs; we even have prepaid freight programs available.


Fabrimetrics, Inc. is committed to the success of its customers.  We have a shelving display system available to keep our products organized on your shelves and to help consumers find the Fabrimetrics product they need.




Our Hay Cover & Extra Heavy Duty Tarp is renowned for its strength and durability.  It's made with a high quality construction in White/Black material.



Our Loadsaver & Extra Heavy Duty Tarp is a strong, long-lasting polyethylene truck hauling cover and a very heavy Black/White tarp. 

If you have a customer interested in an even heavier, professional grade hauling cover, consider contacting us about a Custom Vinyl Tarp.




Our new Cover All Heavy Duty Tarp is a strong but lightweight option in a Brown/White material.






Our Poly Plus III Premium Tarp is a long-lasting, lightweight material in Silver/Blue.






Our Smart Tarp Economy Tarp is an inexpensive and lightweight Brown/Green material.





Our Gold Line Canvas Tarp is an American-made product.  This domestic canvas tarp is available in a Dark Brown color and a Gold color.





Our Silver Line Canvas Tarp is an imported product available in an Olive Drab color and a Khaki color.





Fabrimetrics, Inc. is always looking toward the future.  We are currently bringing in several new specialty tarps.  Our new Camouflage Tarp is a lightweight, multipurpose tarp with a Green Camouflage pattern on one side and an Olive Green color on the other.




In addition to tarpaulin, Fabrimetrics, Inc. also offers GoldLine Heavy Duty EPDM Rubber Tarp Straps.  Perfect for your customers that are truckers, haulers and boaters, these are the highest quality heavy duty tarp straps available.



Our DIO-Betalon Floating Row Covers are a "natural" PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) agricultural covering material that is created for frost, bug and sun protection.  Fabrimetrics' DIO-Betalon screen is very hygroscopic.  The material absorbs dew and prevents frost damage, potentially saving hundreds of dollars.  Heat preserving DIO-Betalon screen to protect against cold temperatures and encourage healthy plant growth.


Our Irrigation Dams are a premium poly irrigation dam material, made with heavy duty 100% virgin resins in both the high-density yarn and the low-density coating with maximum color pigmentation and UV inhibitors. Available colors are blue, orange, and green.



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