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1500N PVA Greenhouse Liner

This product originally found popularity under the name Tufbell, but is now produced using the same materials and processes under the name DIO-Betalon. PVA (polyvinyl acohol) is a polymer with a unique hygroscopic characteristic which draws moisture to it; this layer of moisture will freeze when temperatures drop, forming an igloo-like protective shield that maintains the temperature beneath the film.

While lighter grades of DIO-Betalon are intended to float atop crops, or laid on hoops or frames, the 1500N is intended as a liner for greenhouses.  The material is tough and very durable. It's among the most durable row covers on the market, and if it is damaged it can actually be sewn with nylon thread. 

We recommend using Tufbell Clips​ to anchor our DIO-Betalon products.

Breathable: 15% Porosity

Transparent: 85% Light Transmittance

Double-Thick Material

Reinforced with Nylon Threads

Highly Resistant to Ultraviolet Degradation

High Heat Resistance

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