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White/Black Extra Heavy Duty Tarp

The Hay Cover / Extra Heavy Duty Tarp is our extra heavy duty grade white/black tarp. It has grommets every 18 inches, reinforced heavy duty web loops sewn in every three feet on the long sides of each tarp and heavy duty rope in the hem.  The white outer color boasts a superior heat reflection, preventing the heat of the sun from super-heating the hay or objects/area covered by the tarp.  The tarp has been popular as a canopy to block out the summer sun as well.

When covering hay, we recommend Hay Tarp Anchors used in conjunction with Goldline Tarp Straps.

14x14 Weave

13 to 14 Mils Thick

Stainless Steel D-Rings every 24"

Web Loops every 3' on Long Sides

5mm Rope in Hem

5% U.V.I. Treatment

100% Virgin Resins:

NO Fillers

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