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Dividers & More

We offer a comprehensive retail display system which serves to keep your product facings neat and tidy, help your customers make informed choices about their tarp purchases, and give your tarp section a uniform look.



These HDPE dividers keep each facing of your products separate. They are ideal for Lozier display shelving. The dividers may be bolted to the shelves to create an immovable display setup, but they may also be used in a "free-floating" manner if your display requires flexibility.


Label Stickers

We include self-adhesive labels for each divider in your display. Each one identifies the product and size while also tying in visually with the colors associated with the specific product line that it represents.


Shelf Facing Strips

Further coordinating your display, we have strips of shelf facing that identifies the product line that belongs in each facing. This helps your customer quickly identify the location of each product line so they may browse the size selection you carry.


Product Identification Cards

The final piece to our display system is our set of product ID cards. These can be installed in your tarp section, hanging from a cable attached to your shelving. Each provides specifications for one of the product lines that you carry. Your customers will be able to decide which product line best suits their need before they remove a single product from your shelving. The coloration coordinates with the other elements of this system.

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